What To Do When You Need To Get An Abortion

20 May, 2019 | Renah | No Comments

What To Do When You Need To Get An Abortion

What To Do When You Need To Get An Abortion

Sometimes, we can get ourselves into trouble whilst traveling. Things can happen that we most certainly didn’t plan and then we need help. Becoming pregnant whilst traveling isn’t on everyone’s bucket list. It wasn’t on mine and still isn’t…but I’ve been there. It happened to me.  I made the decision to have the termination of the pregnancy. Being a solo female traveler, in a country which isn’t my home and not having anyone with me: that’s tough. Read on for invaluable information on where to get an abortion in Johannesburg and my personal story.

Where can I get an abortion in Johannesburg

you have to put together your termination options in every country according to the laws. Use the search box to find your country. Listed are countries where abortion is legal. This resource includes countries which are considered to be a part of SA. All information is current and updated regularly, especially with thanks to all of you who read this article and updated me on your experiences. You have kept me informed since my own abortion and I am very grateful for this. By sharing experiences, we can help others.

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