The abortion pill and the morning-after pill

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The abortion pill and the morning-after pill

The abortion pill and the morning-after pill are two very different things.

While the abortion pill makes a pregnancy stops growing, the morning-after pill and other types of emergency contraception prevent ovulation from occurring, Torres explains. If you’ve already ovulated, emergency contraception can’t do anything to stop you from getting pregnant. (The only exception is the copper IUD, which works by creating an inflammatory reaction that’s toxic to sperm, which is why it’s the most effective form of emergency contraception.)

It’s important to know that there are currently laws on the books making it hard for doctors and clinics to get the abortion pill, thereby reducing people’s access to it. Depending on where you are, the medication is not easily found in hospitals and not easily accessible in clinics.

If you want to obtain a medication abortion, your first step would be to call a clinic, like Renah Abortion Clinic, and ask if they have the medicine or can access it. Even if they don’t, they should be able to refer you to somewhere that can better help you. Depending on your relationship with your primary care physician, you may also call them for guidance.

At your appointment, the practitioner will confirm your pregnancy and probably perform an ultrasound to see how far along you are. They’ll ask about your medical history and which medications you’re currently taking,  before giving you the pills you have to take and explaining when and how to take them—and what to expect.

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